IFIP 9.4 2013 Business Meeting Summary

Meeting summary of the IFIP 9.4 Business Meeting

held on May 2013, Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Download the meeting summery here.


IFIP 9.4 Business Meeting
Wednesday May 22, 2013, Sunset Jamaica Grande, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 2:30pm
Chair: Chris WestrupThe University of Manchester, UK
Secretary: Julian Bass, Robert Gordon University, UK
Meeting Summary
The IFIP 9.4 Chair, Chris Westrup, welcomed everyone and expressed appreciation for a superbly organized IFIP 9.4 2013 Conference. He thanked the Conference Co-Chairs - Niall Hayes, Lancaster University, UK and Renata Lèbre La Rovere, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Organizing Co-Chairs - Arlene Bailey, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica and Elizabeth Terry, ICT4D Jamaica, and expressed the view that the conference was held in an excellent location with opportunities for interaction and recreation. He also highlighted the contribution of the exhibitors and NGOs to a successful and enjoyable conference experience. The Chair also thanked the University of the West Indies and Dean Duggan, Faculty of Social Sciences for providing financial resources at a critical time.
Reports and Elections
The Chair thanked the IFIP 9.4 Secretary, Julian Bass, for his role in developing the IFIP 9.4 Secretariat, and particularly his role in web development. IFIP 9.4 currently has 230 members, and many persons have commented on the Secretary’s dedication and enthusiasm over the period.
Following nominations, elections were held, and the results are posted below. A nomination was made for the Web Developer position, and was subsequently confirmed. Some Regional Vice-Chair positions are still open, and candidates are to be confirmed. In addition, the post of PhD Coordinator is still to be filled and further discussions will be held.
     Chair: Maung Sein, University of Agder, Norway & Luleå University of Technology, Sweden
     Secretary: Arlene Bailey, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
     Web Developer: Roshan Hewapathirana, University of Oslo, Norway
Regional Vice-Chairs:
Region Vice Chair
Australasia Antonio Díaz Andrade
Auckland University of Technology
New Zealand
Caribbean Evan Duggan
The University of the West Indies, Mona
Europe Petter Nielsen
University of Oslo
Indian sub-continent
Rahul De’
IMM Bangalore, To be confirmed
Latin America Raoni Rajão
Federal University of Minas Gerais
Middle East  
To be confirmed
North America  
To be confirmed
South East Asia  
To be confirmed
Sub-Saharan Africa
Wallace Chigona
University of Cape Town 
South Africa
IFIP 9.4 Conference 2015
Two bids were proposed for the 2015 Conference. Julian Bass presented a full bid prepared in collaboration with Robert Davison to host the conference in Bangalore, India at IIIT-B. Sundeep Sahay presented a preliminary bid for Colombo, Sri Lanka.
The Chair thanked the proposers for the two bids. There were discussions on how to proceed with the selection process – should the vote be taken at the Business Meeting, or should time be allowed for full development of the proposals with evidence of supporting resources. A survey could then be done online.
It was decided that a preliminary opinion vote would be sought among the participants present, followed by a detailed assessment of the bids. The proposal for Colombo, Sri Lanka led the preliminary opinion vote.
Future Directions for IFIP 9.4
Regional Meeting
Raoni Rajão presented a proposal for a Regional Meeting in 2014 in Brazil. This would be held at the same time as the 4S Symposium. The idea was supported.
Networking among ICT for Development groups
It was suggested that linkages should be further developed and maintained with groups such as AIS SIG GlobDev and the ICTD Conference, and that the incoming IFIP 9.4 Chair, Maung Sein, could discuss further with Ojelanki Ngwenyama, AIS SIG GlobDev Chair. The incoming Chair indicated that inter-group synergies were ongoing and would continue.
Tracks for the IFIP 9.4 Conference
It was suggested that the tracks introduced at the 2013 Conference could be continued in future conferences. Ideas for two tracks were suggested – “Innovative ideas and challenges to be addressed in ICT4D” and “Research methods for doing ICT4D Research”.
Publication Strategies for IFIP 9.4 2013 Conference Papers
Conference Co-Chair, Niall Hayes, discussed possible Special Issues which were under discussion:
  • Information Technologies for International Development (ITID) – Michael Best
    • 8 papers will be shortlisted; the proposed timeline is May to October, 2013
  • Journal of Information Technology (JIT) – Chrisanthi Avgerou
  • Electronic Journal of Information Systems in Developing Countries (EJISDC) – Julian Bass, Robert Davison and Devinder Thapa
Any Other Business
The Chair thanked the Conference Co-Chairs and Organizing Co-Chairs again for their support, and presentations of appreciation were made.
The IFIP 9.4 Chair, Chris Westrup and IFIP 9.4 Secretary, Julian Bass, were thanked for their excellent service to IFIP 9.4, and presentations of appreciation were made.