Police Services and Local Authorities

The charity Missing People has 25 years’ frontline experience and provides a range of services for police handling missing person investigations and local authorities, including taking referrals for family support, making Publicity Appeals and sending supportive text messages to missing children and adults (TextSafe®).

Family Guidance

If you feel it is appropriate, please direct families of missing people to our family guidance sheets which offer advice and information about what to do when a family member goes missing.

Missing People represents all that is good about keeping people safe and partnership working.


Chief Constable Mike Veale, national policing lead for missing people


116 000 Rescources

The 116 000 posters below are available to download and display. 

The 116 000 posters are in A3 format and so are quite large files: 8 MB each.

30126 missing 420x297 2.pdf

30126 missing 420x297 3.pdf


We help to provide publicity and support to local authorities when a young person or adult known to social care services goes missing.

We have access to publicity channels and media partners which may otherwise not be available to social services.

The missing person will need to have been reported missing to the police and the police will need to consent to publicity. Consent is also required by whoever has parental responsibility.

We are able to provide emotional support to families if appropriate.

To find out more or to start receiving help contact us:

  • Tel: 116 000
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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