Industry Health & Safety

Chair: Industry Leader (rotating)
RDG Lead: Gary Cooper

The Industry Health & Safety Meeting aims to bring together Managing Directors of industry businesses and other industry leaders to collaborate on health, safety and wellbeing to facilitate discussions and challenges and stimulate duty holder progress in the application as relevant to their businesses risk profile of the “Leading Health and Safety on Britain’s Railways” strategy.

The 12 risk areas and 9 management capabilities identified in the strategy form the basis of the agenda items or showcases at IHSM. All risks and capabilities will be covered over a three year cycle, with some featuring more than once if required by the risk profile or capability.

The meeting has four roles to play:

  1. Leadership – provide visible leadership on health, safety and wellbeing from an industry perspective and aligning businesses to industry architecture for collaboration;
  2. Safety management – understanding the roles in providing a healthy, safe environment for staff, customers, other railway users and railway neighbours. This is done by sharing good practices and members leading by example or asking for help. This is tracked through the 9 management competencies identified in the strategy;
  3. National risk management – recognise how the 9 management capabilities can be used to manage, mitigate and reduce the 12 risks identified in the strategy; and
  4. Industry guide – encourage industry leaders to come together and take a lead in future activities to drive both continuous improvement and step change as required.

2018 meeting dates

  • 22 May
  • 22 November




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