Planning Oversight Group

Chair: Jo Kaye (Network Rail)
RDG Leads: Calvin Lloyd, Gary Cooper


To assemble an industry view on key, high-level, strategic planning issues; and to communicate this to key stakeholders in order to provide clarity, direction and funding to deliver tomorrow’s railway.


  • To provide strategic planning information for decision makers, for example around the industry options for the future and input into franchise competitions
  • To integrate/align other areas of work in this portfolio (technology, rolling stock; embedding sustainability and major strategic projects)
  • To guide other areas of work in the industry to help ensure consistency between short/medium term objectives and the longer-term vision for the industry
  • To oversee the Long-Term Planning Process work at Network Rail, providing industry constructive challenge


Much of the rail industry’s planning for enhancements to the network is facilitated by Network Rail as part of the Long Term Planning Process (LTPP). Find out more about our industry planning activities.

As part of the programme, we published 'The Way Ahead'. This document describes the importance of making short and medium term decisions in the context of an over arching rail strategy, allowing rail to contribute to the greater goals of Great Britain. It gives further detail on the process and next steps of how the industry plans strategically and inclusively for future development and demonstrates how our stakeholders are involved in this process.

The way ahead (October 2014)
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