Schedule 8 Recalibration Working Group

RDG Lead: Caitlin Scarlett


The RDG Schedule 8 recalibration working group is a forum through which the industry is kept regularly up to date on the Schedule 8 recalibration work for CP6. This working group also discusses key methodological issues for the recalibration, and makes representations to ORR on these where necessary.


The working group aims to:

  • Provide regular updates to the industry on the progress of the Schedule 8 recalibration;
  • Discuss and resolve key methodology issues, relating to the Schedule 8 recalibration;
  • Where relevant, provide progress updates for the Schedule 4 cost compensation recalibration.

Key outputs

Phase 1: Monitoring Point Weightings and Cancellation Minutes

Phase 2: Benchmarks, Payment Rates and Sustained Poor Performance thresholds

Phase 3: Independent audit of Phase 2

  • To follow
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