Chapeltown Station Travel Plan


Chapeltown is an unstaffed station located 7.25 miles to the North the City of Sheffield, and is a vital link in the South Yorkshire rail network. Situated in the town centre close to the Market, local shops and businesses, it is used by passengers for Meadowhall, Sheffield, Barnsley, Wakefield and Leeds.

The station is situated close to the M1 motorway junctions 35 and 35A and is an interchange point where many bus services converge, with stops and station in close proximity to one another. It is also close to NCN 67 cycle route and the proposed off road routes in the area through Hesley Wood / Cowley Lane.

Need for a Travel Plan

The travel plan is regarded as a way to further improve rail patronage and improve access to the new employment opportunities being created in the area.

Description of the process

The PTE has established a steering group of representatives from Sheffield City Council, British Transport Police, South Yorkshire Police, Northern Rail and the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive.

Other stakeholders are Asda, Creative Sheffield St Paul's Development PLC, Care4Air, Northern Rail Cycle Users Forum, Sheffield Cycle Forum, Community Partnership and the Northern Community Assembly.

A review of appropriate research and policy documents has been undertaken., and a process to develop realistic aims and objectives has been started. further work is currently being carried out, and details will be added in September 2009.

Action Plan highlights

Passenger Information Displays have been installed on Platforms and at each entrance to the station. Steps have been white lined with highly visible anti slip material. The installation of cycling shelters is imminent.

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