Colchester Station Travel Plan

News release (September 2014)

Getting the Bus to the Station – Plus Bus promotion

The Colchester Station Travel Plan has just launched a new promotion which aims to get more people to get the bus to the station, instead of driving.

Try before you buy

We want people to try getting the bus to the station as part of their commute, so we are offering a discounted PlusBus monthly season ticket. Station users can visit the Ticket office to claim their ticket. The ticket is available to purchase at any time over this period, so customers can benefit from more then one ticket!


This means you could save around £20 per month compared to buying a daily bus ticket. We hope that after the trial, station users will decide that getting the bus to the station is the right choice for them, and buy an annual PlusBus ticket – giving them an even bigger discount.


Collect your 'Getting the Bus to the Station' leaflet at Colchester Station, or download a copy here. It will give you more information about the campaign and the map will show you which bus you can get to the station. It contains a slip to complete and hand to the ticket office to receive your discount.

The promotion runs from 8 September 2014 to 4 January 2015, so if commuters arn't convinced that the bus is best for them they can benefit from another couple of months worth of season tickets!

Moving On Survey

The Moving on Survey was carried out in Autumn 2012. Of the 122 people who completed the survey 92 were travelling to work. Of those travelling to work 32% travelled to/from the station on foot, followed by car alone - 25%, bus - 17% and bike 14%.

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