Ticketing & Settlement Agreement (TSA)

The Ticketing & Settlement Agreement (TSA) sets out the various arrangements between the operators relating to the carriage of passengers and the retailing of tickets.

It is divided into various chapters, each dealing with a separate aspect of retailing, carriage and settlement.

Latest published version of the TSA (version 10.1)

Latest version of Schedule 24

Links to the previous and latest version of Schedule 17

Updates included in TSA (version 10.1)

The latest published version of the TSA (version 10.1) was issued on 31 January 2017 and included updates to the following areas of the TSA (version 10.0) which was previously issued on 29 September 2015:

  • Main Agreement (Volume 1) - Definitions have been updated
  • The Schedules (Volume 2) - Schedules 1, 14, 24 & 38 have been updated


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